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Certificates and Documents

Please find links below to certificates and related documents pertaining to our own Acrylic paints.

acrylic paint hazard warningsThe documents are supplied by the manufacturing company that makes our paint and apply to all the paints mentioned therein which are made by that company.

These documents do not relate to any other products that are shown on this website.

Please click on the document names to read the documents – each opens in a new window or tab.



2014 REVIEW-TEST for LABELING of Hazardous Art Materials

2018 TEST REPORT  As per Fpr EN 71-3:2013 and followed by Inductively Coupled Argon Mass Spectrometry and UV/Vis Spectrome

Clarification of  ‘CE Certificate’

The first three documents are the ones that were submitted to HMRC for import permission
and to Amazon.co.uk for Hazmat, their vetting procedure for safety.
The documents satisfy the strict requirements of both organisations.

The fourth document was requested by the manufacturer following recent EU regulation requirements.

There have been no changes to the manufacturing process and All documents should be read together to give complete information about the safety of the paints.

Reading the Documents

The documents are in pdf format and can be downloaded. Your browser may be able to read the documents but downloaded pdf may require a third party application to read them.

You may need a copy of adobe acrobat to view these files. You can download the latest UK version by clicking here. This will open in a new window.