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Outlines Acrylic Paint Set

OUTLINES ​Acrylics: ​​​Twelve ​Colour Set

​A ​Brand ​New ​Paint for ​Artists ​Created by an ​Artist

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​Expand Your Horizons With ​OUTLINES ​ Art ​Set

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Our Set of 12 Colours
Acrylic paint set, 12 colours

Acrylic paint set, 12 colours

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Our Single Tube of White
Single Tube Titanium White

Single Tube Titanium White

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Ultimate Flexibility With ​Smooth ​ Consistency, ​Strong Vibrant Colours ​& More…

Outlines Acrylic Paints​ are ​Versatile and can be used for many styles.

These acrylic paints are smooth and creamy. Acrylic paints normally dry fairly quickly, but these remain workable for good colour mixing and won’t leave you frustrated when your almost done.
They are thick enough to cover well but not too thick to blend effortlessly. The twelve colours are carefully chosen to give the broadest range of colours when mixed.

​We’ve Thought of Everything…
The set includes black for the necessary punch when you need it, and the white gives you all the tonal range you will need.

Always running out of white?
You can buy a single tube of white too!

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Features You Won’t Want to Live Without

​Be Creative

​We focus on Encouraging you to broaden your creative activities, and inspiring beginners to experiment with new materials. Our set is designed to be substantial enough to fire your imagination.

​Paint on Anything

​​​​Our Acrylics look amazing on any ​painting surface. Paint on canvas, board, paper, wood, stone and even on glass jars for dry use. These versatile paints flow well, dry quickly and are great for most Arts and Crafts ideas and techniques.

​Take it With ​You

Few things are as important ​the ability to paint anywhere. With this in mind, the ​12 Colour Set of Acrylics is created to be as light and ​compact as possible, all without you having to compromise on quality or flexibility.

Our Set of 12 Colours

Outlines Acrylic Paint Set Tubes 75ml

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More Abou​​​​​t Our ​Acrylic Paints

Brushes ​washable in water – Names of colours in 4 languages –
Big Tubes of 75ml


Information on ​Product Safety, Symbols and Origin

Outlines Development

Outlines has been helping people to enjoy their pictures for over 30 years. We have framed pictures for art lovers, artists and photographers, exhibited paintings and prints in our gallery and even helped artists with their own websites. Venturing into producing our own brand of paint, specially formulated for use by established artists and beginners alike is truly inspiring. We would like to extend a huge ‘Thank You’ to all who helped in our research to get it right.
You are the True Stars!

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