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Titanium White Acrylic Paint

Titanium White Acrylic Paint


  • Single Tube 75ml
  • Artists Acrylic Paint, large tube
  • Suitable for adults and children
  • Easy to blend
  • Can be mixed with with other brands
  • Non-toxic and water washable

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Quality acrylic paint for artists and students.


Outlines Titanium white paint can be used with our set of 12 colours and with other brands of acrylic paint.


A single tube of white is usually needed before other colours run out to mix tones and pastel shades. This paint blends well, can be used as it is for a textured surface or diluted with water for a smooth finish.

Dries fast, but not too quick to work on your painting, depending on conditions in the work area. Drying time can be extended by keeping the paint moist and with additives.

When used  at full strength it will keep its shape and a durable shiny finish.

Wash brushes and tools in water while wet.


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