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The questions are compiled from genuine questions that people ask.  When the same or similar question is asked by many people, we add it to this page, so if you have a question that is not listed here, please don’t hesitate to ask through our Contact Page.

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Usage questions:

I'm a beginner, where should I start?

Just have a go! Get yourself some materials and start making, painting and drawing. You don’t need much to get started and you might have something you can use right away, such as pencils, ballpoint pens and cardboard packaging. You might surprise yourself, and when you are ready to buy  different materials, be sure to read our article “Guide – Art supplies for Beginners – What to buy

There are loads of tips and tutorials online, and soon this site will be heaving with them too.

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I have been making art for some time - is there anything you can offer me?

Why yes! Even seasoned professionals need inspiration, encouragement and help at times. Other artists often have so much to offer by way of inspiration and ideas. We seek them out and write about them or link to their websites.

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Where can I find Tutorials?

Please go to our Tutorials page here. You can also use the search box near the top of this page to find specific subjects.

Do you offer private art classes?

Sorry, no we don’t.
Taking classes can certainly help both beginners and long-time artists, as it is always beneficial to get feedback from instructors and from peers. We also know that many people find it motivating to connect with teachers and other artists personally. People you meet in those circumstances sometimes become life-long friends.

Contact your local community college or local art center! Your local art shop might know some good places to take classes or perhaps have leaflets left by others.

If you can’t afford art classes or there aren’t any available in your community, consider joining an online art community. Many have lots of beginners and experienced artists helping each other and sharing information.
You might find something through the BBC learning section.

What am I letting myself in for if I sign up to your newsletter?

Nothing intrusive will happen. We Never share your email address with anyone else, and you have to confirm with Aweber, our secure email provider, before you get anything from us.

If it all gets too much or you don’t want to hear from us any more, you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link any email we send (Boo hoo -Please don’t leave!).

In fact our newsletters are infrequent and usually contain a summary of various types of information that we think might interest you,  perhaps a summary of our latest articles or some great exhibitions about to start. We may occasionally inform you about discounts or special deals on products and, when available, we may send discount coupons for our own products that are only for our subscribers!

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Product Details Questions:

Which materials and equipment mentioned on this site are your own brand, Outlines?

Outlines Acrylic Paint Set and Outlines Single tube of White paint. Tubes of individual colours from the set are available in the Paints section of our Shop.

What are the colours in your 12 colour paint set?

Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Vermillion, Crimson Red, Sap Green, Viridian, Cerulean Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, Raw Umber and Lamp Black

What can I use your paint on, what painting surfaces will they stick to?

Our paint will adhere to:

Canvas, board (including mountboards, MDF and plywoods), paper, cardboard, wood, metal, stones and pebbles or rocks, fabric (including natural and synthetic fabrics, most plastics, and many other surfaces that have a bit of texture.

It’s Great for up-cycling too – we have painted cereal boxes and other packaging to create and recycle. Your imagination is your limit!

Results on some materials can be improved with a little preparation.
Acrylic paint may scrape or fall off easily from very smooth surfaces if soaked in water. However, our paint can be used for decoration on materials such glass that will not need washing such as jars and bottles.
As time goes on, you will find articles about ideas and techniques for painting on all these different surfaces.

Can Outlines paints be mixed with other materials?

Yes, they can be mixed with any mediums intended for use with acrylics, such as gels and thickeners. They can also be mixed with sand or grit, used with decorating and DIY products such as water based wood-glue and many found substances that will give it a texture. It’s a very versatile paint!

How do I clean up after painting?

Acrylic paints are water-based and can be washed off brushes and surfaces while still wet. Dried paint on brushes will ruin them so we recommend wiping off any excess then rinsing them in small amount of water. Please refer to our article, Disposal of Rinse Water.

Safety Questions:

Are Outlines paints toxic?

No, they are not. Please read details on our Non Toxic Acrylic Paint Page

Is it safe to drink out of tumblers or wine glasses painted with Outlines paints?

Our Acrylic paints are non-toxic and are tested safe for children subject to the latest Toy Standard Testing. To pass the test they have to be safe to suck and chew.
Please bear in mind that paint might not stick well enough to a shiny glass surface to withstand frequent washing. I like to use it for painting glass jars intended to be used as dry containers.
If you are determined to paint wine glasses I would say that it is best to avoid painting right up to the rim because the texture might not be all that pleasant against the lips.
I recommend reserving painted drinking glasses for one-off occasions and then keep them as decorative pieces afterwards.

I want to know the specifications, safety and the environmental impact of your paints.

Please go to the Product Information pages here to read detailed information.

Where can I find the CE certificate?

Please go to Certificates and Documents to download the pdfs.

Purchase/Buying Questions:

Where can I buy your paints and artworks, do you have a shop I can visit?

Our products are sold online only. Our paints can be bought at and from our online shop. We do not have a shop that you can visit, only a studio where we very occasionally hold open studio events when artworks and some finished goods can be purchased. Such events will be announced in the news section, on our Facebook page and on Twitter.

Can I buy other items that are designed by your artists directly from you?

Not at present, we do not handle payments for other people’s products directly from this site. Our  designs are available on many items that are not stocked by us. These are printed on demand by outside services and you are purchasing directly from them. We may list such products in our online shop from time to time and they will be clearly marked.
Our articles may mention products we have designed, used or recommend. On pages where they are mentioned, we usually provide links to purchase.

Why do you mention all those other products - do you make money from those?

We aim to be as helpful as we can to our users about making art and practicing crafts. Gathering information and writing about all those subjects takes time, effort and money. Where possible, we link to sites and quality products that are relevant, fun or useful. Some, but by no means all of those links, may earn us a small commission. Commissions earned help to pay for the running of this site.

How much is shipping?

Our  Own Products and Designs that are stocked by us show shipping details when you add them to basket. To see an estimate please enter your postcode or zipcode in the delivery address box. Items can be removed from your basket at any time before making a purchase. We do link to some products that We do not stock: Shipping is set by the company where you are buying the item.

I ordered multiple items but haven't received all of them. What's going on?

Our Own Products and Designs that are stocked by us are sent by us.  We provide tracking codes where possible. Products listed on Amazon are sold by Amazon.  Items we have designed are printed on demand and sold by outside services and you are purchasing direct from them. We may link to Other products that are sold by others.
Please direct your delivery enquiry to the website or suppliers where you purchased the item.
Sometimes your orders will come from different locations, so you may receive one item before the next.

I have searched for your paints on an Amazon Eu site but couldn't find them, what should I write in the search box?

You might Try writing ” Outlines art materials Acrylic paints ” or click here for the UK search They should come up at, or close to, the top of the results.

Questions About Us and Our Website:

I have an opinion or want to give feedback. Can I comment on your articles?

We encourage commenting on posts but please observe the rules found Here

Comments are moderated and will not appear immediately. Please be patient while they are processed.

I would love you to feature my project/ something I have made. Can I tell you about it?

We’d love to hear about your ideas and the things you have made, especially if you have pictures we can show our readers!  Please go to this page, read it and then use the form at the bottom to write to us about it.

I would like to write for you or submit an article for your website.

Great!  Please go to this page, read the instructions for Authors and then use the form at the bottom to submit your article.


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