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Crimson Red Acrylic paint

Crimson Red Acrylic paint


  • Single Tube 75ml
  • Artists Acrylic Paint, large tube
  • Suitable for adults and children
  • Easy to blend
  • Can be mixed with with other brands
  • Non-toxic and water washable

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Outlines Art Acrylic Paint 75ml Tubes

Crimson Red is a dark cool red leaning toward blue. It is dense and covers well and can be mixed with ultramarine or viridian to produce many shades of purple and mauve. Mix with vermilion for strong mid reds.


Outlines Art Acrylics are water-based acrylic colours.
Versatile, durable, with good covering power, they give an excellent painting experience at an economical price.


Our paints do not contain any pure pigments that contain toxins, as Synthetic colours are used in the manufacture of Outlines Paints and all colours are Non Toxic.

All our colours can be thinned with water for pale washes, or used directly from the tube. They dry fast, but not too fast, and the artist can work quickly, adding layers or adjacent colours easily, finally drying to a strong hard finish and keeping their shape.

These paints blend well for mixing and can be used with other brands of acrylic paints to extend your palette or replace finished colours.


Outlines Acrylic paints are suitable for canvas, wood, paper, board, stone and fabric. It can be used on glass for decoration, in dry conditions.

They will adapt to different painting styles created with large, small, soft or stiff brushes. If you prefer to work with palette knives they are perfect. Created textures keep their shape when dry and can be enhanced with various added mediums.

All acrylic paints cannot easily be dissolved once they are dry and care should be taken to protect clothing and textiles. Frequent cleaning of brushes is recommended.

The paint is safe to use on children’s toys being non-toxic.
It is safe for children to use but Small children under the age of 3 years should Always be supervised.

Small parts such as lids can choke and little children will often eat paint – large quantities of any non-food in the tummy is not good for anyone.

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