ASTM D-4236 n EN71-3 (CE) certified | Outlines Art Materials

ASTM D-4236 n EN71-3 (CE) certified

What does ASTM D-4236 n EN71-3 (CE) certified mean?

Outlines Acrylic Paint Sets have been tested and certified non-toxic and non-hazardous in accordance with RoHS compliance and conformance to ASTM D-4236 and EN71-3:2019 (CE) standards.
This means these products will predictably meet The Art and Creative Materials Institute, Inc. (ACMI) voluntary certification program for children’s art materials.
Our Acrylic Paints are certified as non-hazardous, therefore they do not require the ACMI CL Seal (chronic hazard labelling standard, ASTM D 4236, and LHAMA).

CE compliant Mark

Our packaging has the CE Approved Product seal printed on the box.

Our paint is “Certified Toy Safe”, subject to Toy Standard Testing: BS EN 71-3: 2019, EN71-3: 2019.
This also means that before we can import these Outlines paints into the UK, Customs require copies of independent laboratory certification of non-hazardous and non-toxicity. and all the European branches also require these Documents.
The latest tests were performed on samples from our stock in the UK.  Earlier tests were performed on samples from the factory in China that makes our products.

These are the documents that apply.

European standard EN 71 2019 Parts 1,2 and 3

See Explanation of  EN 71-3 (CE) here.

Our Acrylic paints are water based and non toxic, however we recommend you read Our Material Safety Data sheet for more information. .
The Data Safety sheet and the latest test report are available on the Documents page:
Please Click Certificates and Documents to access them.

You can read about the symbols on our packaging and what they mean Here.